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CEO Letter

Since we believe there is no limits of the creativity, we enhance our team to keep thinking out of the box to reach a brilliant idea that help each one of our clients achive his marketing activities. We always aim in Loading Setup to optimize creative marketing solutions for our clients through hiring a highly talented marketers who are able to fulfil our customers’ needs. In Loading Setup we admit to offer our clients high level of quality along with confidentiality. It will be a great pleasure for us to be your partner in success.


Is an advertising agency, based in 6 of October,

LOADING SETUP is a full service advertising agency. We specialise in BTL design & Production, in-store material production & corporate events management.

Our Values


We Believe we have to preceive things differently, and convey different outlooks and faces of every brand, imaginatuion in not less imporatnt than knowledge through out-of-the-box and creative problem solving, we help bring out the full potential of every brand.


keeping promises and fulfilling our commitment to our clients is the key behind a life time partnership. We seek our people and our clients trust and cherish it once is learned.


when we believe in a brand, a client, a mission or a project we don't let go of it. we will move mounatins to prove we're right, we assume responsibilities and do our very best. Success is not only about doing the right things, but also about doing the right things in the right time.

Our Clients